“Republican Hopefuls Have Sights Set On South Carolina” Right, this makes them sound like a bunch of frat boys looking to cut a drunk chick from the pack. Every four years we have presidential elections, but you know that. And every four years a plague of partisan locusts descend upon the states that have major beauty contests, I live in Commecticut, a second tier state, so thevultures make nice as they pass through to Mass. and New Hampshire. The candidates bring business to the states that attract major media, but they’re like department store Santas, seasonal. Why can’t we get this glorified popularity contest over in one shot. A national primary preceded by a series of debates. Each party has their hopefuls line up and take questions from the media. The inqusitors would come from TV, radio, print and the internet. Each debate would be themed: The Economy, Foriegn Affairs, the State of the Union and the candidates position on Moral Issues (death penalty, Social Security, abortion,state’s rights, etc.) The primary would be held on the 7th of August. The top vote getters from each party can fight it out until November. It sounds like it might work.

Spent yesterday figuring out how to move my story along. I’ve got to rewrite the beginning and drop  the reader in media res. It’ll cut the backstory to a managable size and free up words for telling the primary story and giving the antagonist some space to grow. The other thing I’ve got to work in is atmosphere, a sense of place.

Last night I got a chance to go back in time. I just got four books on CD. Listened to The Shadow. It’s good practice. A writer should be able to know what he is writing will sound like aloud. It’s called storytelling. It used to be done orally before we had books etc. Some places it still exists. If the story doesn’t sound good aloud, it won’t hold the reader. It’s all theater of the mind.

Got puzzles to do and a story to rewrite. Have a decent day.