I’m trying. Today I went out and all I could think about was, am I gong to have enough time to post on my blog and am I going to work on a piece that I have to do for a class? Got to the blog. When I’m done here gotta jump to Word. The story has to be max 1500 wds. The story in my head is a lot longer. Don’t want to send in a lousy story just to hit a word count. Maybe a do over is where I should go. I don’t want to jury-rig a pedfectly good idea. One more trip back. If I stare at it too long, I’ll pick another story from the file.

Got a great surprise from the mailman. Got five books on CD. Stephen Kimg’s Mile 81, The Shadow, Bitter Fruit and four collections of stories from Black Mask magazine. Pulp writing was a way of life for scribes during their heyday. I think there might be a place for a story written ala Black Mask. The stories were wordy (gotta fix that) and melodramatic ( fix that). I want to write a story that is motion and adventure with no uplifting, underlying moral. It seems a story like that wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being sold, much less read. Gotta do it to satisfy the itch that I got when I was a kid.