It’s Monday. I never hated Mondays. They were always a start to a new adventure. Believe me working in kitchens is an adventure. If you’re running the kitchen you’ve got to begin planning what’s gonna be on the menu and what you ordered last week. Yeah, you forget. A busy weekend has a way of trashing the ideas that aren’t written down. If you’re working the kitchen, the chef and/or  the owner might have a new project in mind and you’re going to implement it. Another thong, Monday is a day you start a new job. Did that. A lot sometimes. Now I see Monday as a day to look back on what I’ve written and where it’s going.  You can think about how you’re going to abuse your protagonist. You’ve got to start writing again.

My run-in with the neighbor’s pit bull has had time to stew a bit. The dog knew that the person handling him wasn’t able to control him, so he ran crazy. It happens to us humans. When we are released from the restraints that are put upon us we have that little voice in the back of our head telling us to have a ball. Nobody was looking. What happens to us while we’re being good usually amps up when we are turned loose.The dog was probably treated like an alpha dog. This is usually a male owner’s dream. No guy wants a wimp dog. So the owner reinforces the alpha traits in the dog. When the dog gets with someone who it doesn’t respect it manifests its alpha qualities. Bad things can happen.