It’s Saturday. Went grocery shopping this morning. I was unloading the car when the neighbor’s gentle, friendly pit bull nipped me on my side. I was going to call animal control but decided to talk to the landlord instead. The owners are moving out as soon as they find another place. What if the dog takes a bite out of someone else? I know, pitbull, automatically vicious. No, some are civilized pets. The dogs attack when they sense the person who’s supposed to be in charge is not up to the challenge of keeping them restrained. I don’t blame the dog. I blame the owner. She whacked the dog with its leash and kept telling it “Bad dog, you’re better than that.” Nice way to calm a dog.

It hit 60 today. So much for winter. I hope it snows soon. I don’t ski. I just want to have a normal season. If one season is screwed up the next one will try to make up for it. Seasons don’t think, they’re a force of nature. I just hope the climate doesn’t go completly bat crazy.

The WIP is moving along. It’s changed from a banquet you try to devour in big bites to a meal that you want to take in small bites. That’s my way of saying that I write 100 wds instead of 1500. I’m coming to the realization that the story has stopped writing itself and I’ve got to work harder.