It’s Friday and my day has turned to crap. I forgot my password to access my mail. Okay, it was a senior moment. It scares me. I need to remember stuff. I’ve gotta be able to get into the files inside my head. I know it sounds like I’m whining, I am. I’ll go snivelling into my dotage. Back to the password. I should have written it down but my ego is too big to do something like that. How the imagined mighty have fallen.

The WIP is moving along. I’ll get on it when I’m done here. I’ve got to decide whether this will go +60K wds. I want to write short fiction. My dream is to bring back pulp fiction. I liked it as a kid and try to connect with it as much as possible. I’ve ordered three CDs with stories from Black Mask magazine. It’s something to listen to before falling asleep.

Picked up new reading: Trangressions ed. Ed McBain and London Blitz Murders by Max Allan Collins. They both look promising and any book of novellas that starts off with a Donald Westlake story can’t be all bad.

An odd thought has been bouncing around in my head, What’s for supper? There are children and families whose answer to that question is, nothing. It’s tough all over but we’ve got to look our for those who are in a bad way. Support your local food bank.