Gotta do an assignment for a course I’m taking. A non-fiction account of an event in my life. I’m a writer, therefore, I lie. Okay, not lie, but make things that happened a bit more palatable. I haven’t had anything newsworthy happen since the owner of a neighborhood bar allegedly torched an apartment building to possibly get insurance money. Note I said “possibly”. I’m thinking of naming this puppy “Words and Numbers” for no teason than I’m good with one and suck with the other.

Enough rambling. Winter showed up in CT without snow so far.  We’ve got temps that go from the teens to the forties. A sign of global warming? Nah. It’s a payback. We’ve had to put up with Skippy Raines, the wearher man, for all these years. Now Mom Nature is sending him to  weatherman Hell. The temps are all wrong for the season and it rains instead of snowing. He’s gotta explain it, and he’s got zero clues. We the viewers get a shot at watching him squirm.

The WIP is moving along. I’m hitting a tempo that fits the story. It might not be as long as I expected. I don’t want to drag the story out just for the sake of word count. My main character has a few more jumps to go through. I’ve got an ending in mind. It’s going to need me to write a prologue and an epilogue. I know the first line of the prologue. I have an idea how they will come out.