I set a goal of 750 wds for ROW80. I’m falling short. The story I’m working on has left the stream of concious mode and moved into the What Happens Next mode. I could keep on zen writing and wind up with an editing nightmare. I’m beginning to believe that this story will finish up before the 70K wds that I planned on. It goes to something I believe in, the story ends when it can’t be propelled forward without becoming ackward. I don’t want to write for the word count.

On another front, right now I’m watching Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on the History Channel. I really dig the way the hosts show incredulity when some “expert” tells them some arcane fact about the subject du jour. Right now they’re investigating the Statue of Liberty. Next they’re going to decode DaVinci. This is a good way to get the casual viewer into a conspiracy buff. I watch with the idea that if you dig deep enough you’ll find a conspiracy.

Books I’m reading: The Bible Repairman and Other Stories by Tim Powers, Wild Things by Douglas Clegg and Summer Chills ed by Stephen Jones.

Got to get back into writer mode and work on the WIP.