It’s five o’clock and it is still snowing. We were warned. The weather guys told us starting Thursday. Went grocery shopping this morning and the store was packed with people who were stocking up like the apocalypse was around the corner. I won’t say anything about the power, don’t want to jinx it. Right now a local weather geek is talking big bad trouble from the storm. I wish that the guys on TV would ease up and take into account that all the bozos who didn’t get their supplies will be on the road looking for somewhere that’s open. They won’t find one, get ticked off and crash into a lighrt pole and knock out the power. They’ll be in the hospital with generators and I’ll be here with my LL Bean lanterns. That’s the worst. Maybe nothing will happen and all the preparation will be for naught. Another news guy telling us what to do if the power goes out. The tree limbs are hangimg like they want to join all the snow on the ground. There are idiots on the road. Weather guy telling me that he’s on the job. We might get a foot to a foot and a half of heavy heart-attack inducing snow. These guys on TV are preaching to the choir. We live in Connecticut for God’s sake. We’ve done this before. The governor has shut the state down. The weather guy says it will stop at 2AM. We should be prepared to wake to devastation. Gonna look out the window and count snowflakes.