Went to the dentist this morning.  It’s been a reeaal long time since I went.  It wasn’t good.  In fact it was real bad.  Xrays showed an infection in two teeth.  The dentist prescribed antibiotics. Another pill to take.  Actually, the gist of this blog is my inordinate fear of dentists.  It goes back to when I was a kid when novacaine was an option.  I never got it.  I’ve got the smell of a drill boring into a tooth etched into my sense memory.  Added to that a high tolerance for novacaine.  I need two or more shots to deaden the nerve.  I know, be a man. Bull.  I hate pain.  A root canal performed by a dentist who was losing his cherry on me is enough to drive me to heavy meds.  One particularly hairy excursion was finished off with sodium pentathol and nitrous oxide.  After that they could have pulled out all of my teeth and chop off a finger in the deal.  When it wore off the pain came back with a vengance.   I was running a kitchen then.  Midsummer heat conbined with a kitchen temp of at least 100 was just enough to add to my phobia.  So, I’ve got two months to psyche myself up for another appointment.  Brush and floss daily or the tooth fairy will rip your gums out.  Really.