I missed blogging on last Friday because I decided to proofread a piece for a Writer’s Digest contest.  I figured on finding a few grammatical glitches but I found a story that in some places teetered real close to gibberish.  Stuff that I thought were gold were dreck.  I was rewriting on the fly.  When it was finished I had 1526 wds.  Reread again.  Pare off ten wds.  Again, it gets down to 1501.  Still too much.  Back to the top.  Rewrite paragraphs. It began to make sense.  Had to change the ending, keep the sense of the ending, just use different words.  Now back to work on a WIP and move towards publishing.  I’m biding my time until 7 EST.  Tonight we find out if the Sox will survive the late Sept. drive.  Hope they make it.  Maybe they can take down the Yankees.