Went shopping at Target this afternoon to pick up a couple things, mat for the tub, slepping bottoms, you know, stuff.  Walked out $89 lighter.  Wound up buying food, breakfast sausage, peanuts at less than the supermarket that I go to.  Guess what.  The city is fasttracking another big box store right next to Target.  The golf course is losing two holes (their taking land from the park across the street to build new holes) and they’re looking down the barrel of roadwork after the inevitable traffic problems tic off enough people who use the roads to get to the mall.  What’s Wal-Mart got to do with this?  New Britain got shafted by Wal-Mart when they closed a store they had in town and moved to a bigger store in Cromwell.  You don’t have to know about Connecticut to see the scam.  Wal-Mart opens a store and gets the locals hooked on low prices and big inventory.   When everybody is in the store they shut it down and force people who actually benefit from the the product to shop at the nearest super-store.  Okay, I bought stuff at Wal-Mart.  I don’t need the low prices.  They’re nice but sometines you spend your savings on gas to get the bargains.  A lot of senior citizens shopped at Wal-Mart and so did people who cruised close to poverty.  I don’t miss Wal-Mart.  I can find other places to buy underwear.  So, if you’ve got a Wal-Mart in your town watch out for the switch.  If you’ve got a story tell me at fredthecat07@yahoo.com  I want to know.  Thanks.