There is no reason that I should go nuts over senior citizens when I go shopping.  I’m one of them.  It takes me awhile to climb up the stairs.  I think about taking a nap when some errand pops up.  Why won’t I let go of my youth?  I’ll tell you.  I want to live to 100.  Those people remind me that you slow down as you age.  Sure, there’s a commercial with a geriatric biker who’s pushing the latest drug we’re supposed to tell our doctor to prescribe for us.  We’re supposed to keep on truckin’ into the future.  Despite what was said above I’m afraid of dying in my sleep.  Ya gotta be awake for the final breath you’ll take.  Work up some memorable final words, leave cryptic hints about a hidden treasure or tell the best joke ever and die before you get to the punch line.  Be a pest bother your kids.  They bugged you enough growing up.  If they ship you off to some nursing home/ holding pen.  Fight, fight against the dying of the light.