Watching baseball on TV.  I came to me that to be considered a good batsman you have to be sucessful once in three times at bat.  What I love about baseball is the confluence of that and the possibility that the batter will hit safely with runners on base.  A player can hit 60 homers in a season but if they’re solos they don’t help the team a hell of a lot.  Another thing, announcers calling game winning hits in the ninth inning “walk off hits”.  The phrase was used to describe a game winning hit by a pinch hitter, not a hit by the scheduled batter.  The Sox are losing by one run in the bottom of the ninth.  Let’s see if they use the walk off do describe the winning hit (if it happens).

Yesterday I saw my doctor.  She cut back on my diabetes meds.  I really have to watch blood sugar.  I’ve got to tweak my diet and keep dropping weight.

The Sox lost.  No ninth inning heroics.  It’s not a tough loss when your team had the lead and blew it.  A tough loss is losing 15 to 1.

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