When I checked my blood sugar last week it came in between 50 and 60 Mon. thru Wed..  I thought I was doing good until the hypoglycemia kicked in.  A bad taste in my mouth, stomach pains and a general feeling that I was close to dying.  I called the VA and was scheduled for an appointment Tuesday.  I had enough sense to eat a PB&J sandwich and my blood sugar kicked up to 80.  I’m not out of the woods yet.  The one thing that came out of the low blood sugar I lost about 14 pounds.  All of the above sent me to Stop&Shop Sat. morning.  Spent about five minutes in the juice aisle looking for Gatorade.  I know they hid it somewhere.  I finally found it, in the section with the sports drinks.  Trying to choose what flavor I wanted was a problem, I never tasted Gatorade.  I know, strange.  I picked out Lemon Lime.    When I got home I began dosing myself, a shot every two hours or so.  It works, so far.  Tomorrow I find out.  I this is a lame post, but I’m writing for the sake of writing.  I do this for practice.  Disipline is the key.  Practice, practice, practice.