There’s a channel we get on cable, it’s the Travel Channel.  It is the cause of my being overweight.  How can a television channel make you fat?  Simple, first you program shows that glorify over-eating, then you program them at lunchtime and dinnertime.  The show Man vs. Food is one of the worst offenders.  Adam Richman, the host, travels the country takingon food challenges.  They range from eating a 7 pound breakfast burrito to downing a platter of buffalo wings doused with an infernal sauce containing the hottest peppers known to man.  Often as not he wins a Teeshirt.  Not a good example for a nation that can’t stay away from fast food chains.  Usually they run a show at noon that’s titled Hot Dog Paradise.  A countsown of the top hot dog emporiums in the US.  They extol pigging out as an American birthright.  How in the hell are we going to lose weight and extend our lives if the main source of communication with the outside world okays overeating.  Then there’s the Food Channel 24/7 cooking.  It’s worse than being a food addict working in a kitchen.  I know, I did it.  We need to eat sensibly and avoid foods like braised pork belly.  Butter doesn’t go with everything.  Stop making mixed drinks to go with the meals.  One problem at a time. I gotta stop watching and do sonething else while I eat.  Exercise is one option, throwing the TV out the window is another.