I’ve never been able to cope with Wednesday.  It comes in the middle of the week and is the tipping point.  It’s a slippery slope to the weekend.  When I worked, Wednesday was the day before payday and it was a distraction from the grind.  Nowadays I miss the regularity of working.  You know, the camradirie of fellow employees, the mutual mistrust of the boss and the anticipation that comes waiting for your days off (if any).  Now I view Wednesday as the day I have to start prepping for grocery shopping on Saturday.  It doesn’t get better than this.  I used to go out and have a few beers on Wednesday and plan the menu for the next day and start calling purveyors,putting in orders for next week.  Now I watch TV and post blogs and review the on-line class I’m taking (How to Get Published).  Yes, I’m chasing the same dream that at least 100,000 other people have.  I want somebody to read what I write.  It’s a job that I’m supposed to be good at.  At least that’s what my instructors have told me (Scroll down for a sample).  I gotta go.  I’m running the risk of monopolizing your time and I need something for Friday.