Labor Day is here, the unofficial end to summer.  In fact, it is labor day for line crews trying to get power to 5,000 people who don’t have it and for all the stores that stay open for all those people who forgot to buy hot dogs or sunscreen.  I propose that we make Labor Day manditory.  Shut everything down.  Give everyone a day off.  Of course the truck-sized hole in that argument is, what about service people?  Cops, fire fighters, hospital personel.  I haven’t figured that out.  Maybe they’d have to work.  We can’t trust ourselves to keep all the rules that we’ve come up with.  Maybe I’m some kind of utopian who wants a perfect world.  I don’t know.  In my innermost core, I couldn’t live in a perfect world.  I’ve got too many flaws.  Maybe that’s it.  We search for our view of perfection and live in an imperfect world.