The power went out.  No TV, computer, lights, nothing.  Decided to read.  Read Kristen Lamb’s book Are You There, Blog?  It’s me writer.  The book is a primer on how to build a platform to get your brand (name) out.  It is an easy read and it is funny to boot.  The other book I dug out was The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  It was almost enough to send me running to a bookstore to get more Sherlockia.  Reading by the light of a LED flashlight isn’t something I’d recomend.  Shoul’ve got candles.  Finally did and the power came on.  Went to LL Bean on-line to find a battery powered lantern.  Now the power won’t go out for the rest of the hurricane season.

Got a fire lit under me to blog.  Will have to do it.