Right now I’m a little blocked.  The story I’m working on, of two, isn’t flowing.  I stare at the cursor flashing at me.  Accusing me of being a fraud, passing myself off as a writer.  True, I’ve yet to be published, but feedback I’ve got tells me I’ve hit something I can do well.  I know where each story has to go.  The problem is the words.  Sometimes they fall out of my head onto the page.  Now they stumble out, lame and in the wrong place.  To complicate things, I’m trying to set up a web page with a connection to this blog.  I’ve been reading that I have to set up a platform for my work.  So I got a web site, www.tomwisk.com and I am trying to tweet but I don’t have all that many friends.  This I know is my fault.  I’m not all that social.  I’ve given up bad habits that put me in contact with other people.  I’m hoping against hope someone will trip over the web page and find this blog.  I’ve read that it’s not a good idea to put your work in your blog.  I already started telling a story.  Whether or not I continue depends on if I ever want it to be a real live book, or just something I work out of my system.  I know I have enough stories to fill  at least a medium-sized book and they would be entertaining.  Got to go. Things to do and I don’t want to get boring.